Regulatory Strategy

We leverage our in-depth experience working with utilities, infrastructure companies, and regulators on three continents to help our clients design the right strategies to manage their regulatory risk. We cover many issues ranging from market restructuring, economic and policy analysis, revenue requirements, regulatory filings, and proceedings.

We have designed our services to empower C-level executives to make sense of the organizational and external imperatives affecting their business and mid-level employees tasked with supporting their organizations’ strategies.

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Our Approach

Companies can no longer rely on public relations schemes aimed at polishing their image long after the damage has tarnished their reputations and weakened their bottom lines. More effective strategies call for embracing a culture that demonstrates an uncompromising dedication to building trust with regulators and a willingness to meet stakeholders’ expectations with well-defined boundaries that clarify what leaders will and will not do.

  • We help you develop effective engagement strategies with regulators and other external stakeholders. As governments worldwide step up their regulatory scrutiny, businesses must remain engaged with their regulators and communities through effective outreach that promotes a spirit of transparency. 
  • We assess the effectiveness of your regulatory compliance and help you build an effective program that is suitable for responding to challenges that are unique to your organization.
  • We help your company build robust, effective, and reliable governance and compliance tools to meet your regulatory requirements.
  • We work with your team to develop the right compliance processes and empower your employees with the skills they need to comply with company policies and procedures.
  • We help you keep complete and accurate records of your compliance activities for submission to your regulators.

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